evening writer

you know those summer nights where your day has been so full and your face is rosy from the day and the house is too warm for lights…you lay in the dark, ceiling fan swirling gently above, skin sticking to the sofa, listening to that achingly sweet moaning voice of corinne bailey rae and the flickering of a candle..tonight my skin is a little hot to the touch around the middle of my back, those places you can’t reach on your own to rub in sunscreen. my eyelids are beginning to droop and i hear sirens in the distance. my backyard opens into a sky that i never saw this time last year…no longer leaves but stars and deep blue. the hair at the nape of my neck is sticky and everything seems to have lost it’s energy and much of me wants to sink into that dreamless sleep. but something keeps the fingers going and the mind drifting in various ways. there is a quiet i felt today, hearing birds and tasting strawberries and speeding down roads, hoping that what i experience today is bringing me closer to that which burns inside of me.


4 thoughts on “evening writer

  1. Hi EcoGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! 😉

    Thanks so much for linking to this picture! May I a) copy it and use it in a collage at some point in the future (I'll keep you posted on that), and b) post this link on Facebook?

    Thanks! You rock – and you're GORGEOUS! Beautiful eyes!


  2. hey there…thank you for the compliment…not sure if i'm ready to be posted on facebook, but you are welcome to use it on your blog, just keep me looped in…thanks 🙂


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