Weekend in Pictures

every day after work i head immediately into the yard. no phone calls, no email, no facebook, nothing til i’ve had my garden time. i’m sitting her now even thinking, need to need to NEED to go back out there and pick more peas, fill up the dishes with slug-slaughtering beer (seriously, works like a charmmmmm), trim back the nasturtiums, sweet talk my peppers and corn into taking advantage of this late start to summer, and scratch my girl behind her ear as she comes to lean up against me.

front porch, strawberry lemonade, sundown. yay.
not an exciting picture for most, but seeing the woolly thyme grown in makes me happy…will be growing more on the sides to continue to eliminate the visual of bark that is way too prevalent in my yard! (and w.t. is sooo steppable!)
shell peas. so many pods, so few peas after all that work.
valerian, nearing 6′ tall…
my darling monster peas

One thought on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. I keep trying to avoid Facebook and my email, but everyday I end up checking it and then spending time on here when I want to be doing stuff like you're doing! I wish I was more motivated to garden. I love this post; it makes me want to run outside and yell and grow plants and talk to the plant fairies 🙂 Great post! Keep it up. I will keep this in mind next time I head for the computer when I should really go outside.


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