mexico, january ’09

today i just need to

shedding the skin of years of old messages stamped across my forehead
leaving behind the voices that made me feel the lacking in my soul.

my little sista knew i needed her there. i exhale all of yesteryear and try to be brave to welcome the new season.

today i feel like

from kung fu not the bible.

walking alone. but that’s not where my heart is. that’s not where i’m destined.

i see city and farmland and oceans and try to bring them together in my mind. there is too much. old memories pester me and i think too much. cemetery? no. i have frequent flyer miles that can take me anywhere in the world. perhaps switzerland in the spring like i’d been thinking. i need something new and sweet and deliciously enticing and mentally engaging.

fall asleep. absorb it. remember the small steps and … no more inspiration. i am breathing shallow breaths. it is time to go ride and think and think and ride. it is time to sit in that cafe and reclaim.

your eyes remind me of somewhere i’ve been yet never traveled.

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