yesterday was busy…
* trimming laurels n pulling weeds
* riding over to new seasons to do shopping for solstice (picking out the 7 cheeses for the mac, mmm)
* riding to the hospital visiting my sista’s 13 year old post-open heart surgery (trooper!!!!) and bringing her red ‘beloved’ roses from the garden & her favorite pink salt truffles. being in a hospital for the first time since dad’s death was strange. looked at the li’l sista’s feet and reminded me of seeing my dad’s crusty feet in the hospital…one person ready to live, one person ready to die…very different vibes but felt intensely a small piece of how my sista was feeling.
* stopping for this (intermission photo) house margarita along the bike route home at cha cha cha’s…lovely…
* another ride…healthy pets northwest giving me education about geriatric vestibular disease, the likely diagnosis for daisy (picture severe vertigo, causing the walking and nausea issues, NOT something spinal or worse…comes on sudden then possibly can go away within weeks…crossing fingers…holding off on dumping entire paycheck on potentially unnecessary $400 xrays)
* 80 degree sunshine, warranting a backyard bath for my girl – seeing a dizzy dog trying to be hyper (unsuccessfully, but still chipper) after a bath, poor girl!
* drop by visit from dad’s best friend and his wife (ironic considering above)
* ride to freddy’s to pick up long-awaited ipod armband for easier musical entertainment along the ride
* another drop by visit, this time from my uncle (dad’s brother) to intro daisy to his new puppy…she loved that, we hadn’t seen him in a long time (moments with that ‘side’ of life always trip me up)…folks on that side of the family don’t call ahead, which i have always been comfortable with for the most part
* then ended the day with another ride, this time over to the food cards on greeley to chill in the lovely outdoors as the sun went down with a friend, snacking on shrimp fritters from guam and then walking over for rosemary lemon drops at a favorite pub down the street. riding home on a summer evening is perfection.

so now it’s 7am on a sunday morning, light streaming in my window, no escape from the sunshine and ready to go check on those tomatoes and peppers and see if they’ve miraculously grown overnight 🙂

Your comments on my blog are appreciated. (Please no solicitors as those comments will be deleted).

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