june eight and nine

sunlight and tomato blossoms and cold wet grass and i feel everything around me. sudden rain and i feel my hair cling to my back and shoulders while the wheels continue to turn. new freckles discovered and someone said i looked tan. garden arms and unpedicured feet and impatience to have the berries turn blue, while i sit and look out, cedar below and clouds above. your memory makes me glad to be living the life i have now. there are birds and insects and cool breezes and my heart is lazy and sweet and blank slated for whatever may be painted on it in the future.

she pads and stumbles around and i am grateful for last days and how i soften every time i see her. priorities shift when you see the countdown beginning. summer begins this saturday and sunny days in the dirt and on the wheels and holding a cool drink and laughing at the ease of it all. putting the down comforter away and lying under the ceiling fan, slowing down and feeling every sensation. it is my season.

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