june one

crossing the country on the way to spend the summer in georgia, 1984, meeting my 94 year old great-grandmother ora alice and sleeping in her illinois farmhouse

it’s time. i look at the map and it’s time. east coast. haven’t been in a bajillion years. friends in several places on that side of the world. a week or two in the fall might be just right… kick it off in richmond and do a triangle down to asheville and then over to the coast and back up… this girl needs some good southern time, some long winding roads to drive through the blue mountains, some quiet time on the train between cities, starting up conversations and losing myself out windows. it feels like time to breathe in the thick air, play along the carolina coastline, and sit back and enjoy the best food on earth.

when i was ten i spent the summer in savannah and it left a deep impression. long drives up to charleston, stopping along the highway on the way home to bring home buckets of the biggest shrimp i’ve ever seen, boil ’em, and then just peel and eat. giant glasses of lemonade and the acceptance that the heat just is what it is so you slow down and let it be. yes, there were alligators and bugs the size of helicopters, but the south is where i learned to dive and ride english in a field and where i wrote in my first journal.

so i have this dream that’s been awakened, surrounded by sacks of cacao beans and roasting away in my sundress and little doo rag and apron, coaxing the flavor out into the most beautiful chocolate a girl could create, then turning that into the most gorgeous li’l hand-rolled bittersweet truffles one could imagine.

the springtime does things to this girl. putting the cart on the back of the bike and heading down to the farmers market to bring home flats and flast of strawberries. wash, chop, freeze, bag. repeat until my hands are stained with the berries and i’m a little light headed from all the domesticity. walk outside, feel sun on my face, see my blueberries heavy on the bushes and gathering a handful. silly little giggle. take a seat on the steps, feeding a couple to my girl, greeting the neighbors walking by. i see little baby julian and he always gets the sweetest biggest fat baby face smile going when we catch each others eye.

i miss lynne. she kept me company as i dug up the dirt, planted this garden, unload the ziptruck, and right before the deck was built, she went away. physically she exists but the loss of her memory took her away, and now all i can think of is creating new memories, making sure i breathe, and find my way to those people who i know will always have this way of reflecting back what i need to see.

so here i am. dreaming of cacao beans and trains connecting little southern towns and seeing old friends for cool drinks and long talks then returning to get lost in my everyday.


2 thoughts on “june one

  1. Mmm … there is something about the south … the slow, relaxed pace … I love it! And Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains is magical!

    How long has it been since you were in the south?

    Happy day-dreaming!


  2. planning a trip out east to visit a friend around columbus day? why? cuz the feds call that a paid holiday, isn't that funny! and cuz i have frequent flyer miles that need using 🙂


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