may thirtieth

peanut butter swirled with dark chocolate, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with crushed peanuts. spending the afternoon yesterday making truffles was a sure fire anesthesia for the many things scurrying through my mind…something about the process quiets me, puts me in a balance where i know what i’m doing needs my complete attention. it gets my love and thought and whenever i deliver them the smiles i get and the appreciation? well it’s the refill i need some days.

this weekend is three days but i feel it shrinking around me. i feel tightened, short of breath, mind wandering, needing of long rides and great big bouts of sunshine. but the weatherman lied again, and we are in another gray day in the third wettest spring in our region’s history. when it was dry enough yesterday i literally sprinted to go mow the lawn (my reel mower can’t take long grass), and grasp slugs with tongs off my spinach and corn and huck them across the yard -take that, you li’l bastards. 🙂

there is a centering i’m needing, yoga that has been abandoned for too long and my body feels the toxicity accumulating. i do better when i have some presence keeping me straight, telling me what to do with my body, challenging me just so. so many things, so many ideas, so many wanderings in my soul. being kidnapped sounds pretty darn good right now.

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