on the front of my mind

getting encircled in the days i am reminded of others that are necessary. weekday escape. ocean. my girl miss D and our feet in the sand. that stroll we take, i feel the air in my lungs and i’m at ease. she trots ahead, the occasional head turn to make sure mama is within sight. i smile that quiet smile, the one where i’m home. she doesn’t remember my past life among the trees, waking up while the dew was still on the leaves, padding down the path with blanket wrapped around my shoulders, just to sit and watch the waves. i never have minded the cold, the iciness of the water between my toes, the damp sand grinding into the soles of my feet. there have always been clouds. when the sun arrives i smile, inhaling the moment, edging closer into the water or settling into the sand for a nap, my eyes slowly closing as i see my girl, playing with the other pups, happy to be anywhere near, blissed out like i am. it brings me back to days on the cliff, where we wandered through groves of monarch butterflies to emerge over the ocean. where you were strong and fast and i hadn’t yet realized my own wings. i had made the decision and with that, you knew i would be okay. you stopped attacking, and started playing with the other pups. intuitively i knew i was headed somewhere better, but it took years to fully awaken.

seven years ago you were told you would not live. we met you and you saved me. through the worst moments of my life you were there, happy to see me, wiggling, leaning, sighing, lap-dogging, drooling, licking obsessively, nudging me, eating grass, protecting your domain, keeping an eye on mama, chasing cats, snoring, inhaling your food, barfing it up, eating it up, slurping water, shaking off the suds, chasing squirrels, galloping after seagulls, escaping out car windows, barking at wheel of fortune, farting more than any dog i’ve ever known, climbing up on countertops for a doggie sundae, eating the recycling, sneaking an entire bag of tortillas, getting skunked then dashing through the house, trotting up trails, leaping into water, jamming food through your muzzle, wearing the cone while i iced your leg, being so brave, being so full of love.

my daisy girl.

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