cirque du st johns – st johns parade – 68 degrees and perfection
st johns bizarre with li’l d gettin’ all rockstar’d out…

nothing like a beautiful day to bring me back to life…black sundress, bicycle, black sunglasses, pigtails, sunshine on my shoulders as i rode along the bluff with the black eyed peas and missy elliott in my ears, curving through the neighborhoods, ending up at a friend’s house in the st johns neighborhood, walking over and watching the parade (and more fun, the parade watchers) wind its way through the neighborhood, then later meeting my friend and her son at the st johns bizarre, drinking coffee and introducing li’l d to his first pirate and eatin’ sno-cones and meeting some local artists, then riding back home, walking around barefoot in the backyard, and having another customer stop by to buy a dozen truffles for mother’s day…

needless to say, i feel fantastic.

my face is pink and my outlook is rosy. i feel like a girl again, breathing like i should, knowing that the life i lead is headed somewhere gorgeous even if it’s slightly out of focus at times. i sat there, watching this band today play and reminding me of being seventeen and wearing black pointy boots and black eyeliner and dancing and smoking cloves. silly.

standin’ on the beaches lookin’ at the peaches…stuck in my brain…time to pour the wine and bring out the book…i’m in a chill mode with the world sweet in my skin and peace streaming through my veins.

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