May one and two – sigh…

i’ve met someone who gave me the benefit of not being easily categorized. intriguing, intelligent, funny, passionate….yet also at times naive, sensitive, anxiety-ridden and confused. much to think about, it left me curious. and protective of my heart. and possibly of this person’s. there is a friendship that may blossom, there is a connection that may develop more intensely. marks on the arms a battlefield of historical pain. dealing with intense feelings are a challenge. a writer, alternately passionate in one moment then unable to communicate verbally in another. it doesn’t leave me feeling i should be a fix-it, rather i am left quiet, thoughtful, respectful of the complexity of humanity. i probably made a goof of myself, but i give what i think is right of myself at the time and learn as i go along.


Your comments on my blog are appreciated. (Please no solicitors as those comments will be deleted).

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