Mama Wanna Chocolate?

After a GREAT turnout at Last Thursday (the sun came out!), I am back in the kitchen this weekend rollin’ more Bittersweet truffles – just in time for Mother’s Day shipments (order online by Monday, Mom will receive by Friday via Priority Mail). $25/dozen includes domestic shipping.

FEATURED FLAVORS (Although Custom Orders are always welcome of any flavor I make)…

* Cardamom (NEW! Made with organic ground cardamom)
* Ginger Spice (Best Seller! Made with LOFT Organic Ginger Cello)
* Strawberry (NEW! Made with my homemade very low sugar, organic strawberry jam)
* Pink Salt (Misha’s Favorite, dark chocolate sprinkled with Himalayan pink artisan salt)
* Peanut Butter (My Personal Favorite, made with organic crunchy PB and rolled in peanuts)
* Oatmeal Nutmeg (NEW! Comfort food in a bite…)

For local (Portland) orders, I also offer boxes of two for $5 (no shipping).

Thanks everyone for all your support – it’s been a great season!

Next Public Appearance: Portland Sunday Parkways – table in front of Buffalo Garden (NE 8th & Dekum) along with Dylanbug‘s gorgeous cards, pendants, treasureboxes, and more…

Your comments on my blog are appreciated. (Please no solicitors as those comments will be deleted).

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