Garden update

lilacs in bloom…unfortunately the majority on my tree grow over into the neighbor’s yard so this is a zoom photo on my cell! but two years ago i had no lilacs so i’m happy for these lovelies however they feel like growing – the smell is luscious…
always forget what these girls are called…? they grow like weeds all over the front, side, and back yards, and this year i just said ‘i give up’ because unlike other weeds, at least they give us some pretties for a bit before they go rampant…
i cannot WAIT for salad…
oregon grape (mahonia), planted in the fall, finally doubled in size over the weekend – supposed to grow to a nice shrub size and cover the ugly parking strip in front of my house…
i do adore strawberry blossoms…even if they are trying to take over the world…
italian parsley headed skyward – always always choose this over the ‘garnish’ variety
sunflowers are coming up like mad, can’t wait to transplant these buggers as they won’t last in a pot for long since they’re the giant variety … what is better than a sunflower, i say…

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