FIRE baby

okay not the most sexiest of fire bowls but i made it all by myself! pile o’ wet sand mounded up layers of cement mixed in my wheelbarrow with water then piled on top of the sand with kitchen gloves on, then covered with plastic and left to dry for 3 days, then miraculously finding a way to turn it over to let the inside dry out and sand blow away. of course i don’t have the strength to actually lift it and place it inside the fire pit, but my friend promised he’d help me with that soon enough. kind of digging the rustic-ness of this…and, for a brief couple of months, this delicious green grass around it, while it is still soft underfoot and not yellow with summer heat. thinking about summer evenings, fire crackling, wine sipping, conversation flowing.

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  One thought on “FIRE baby

  1. April 19, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    holy crap. i LOVE this!!!!!! I think it's BEAUTIFUL. seriously. I am le jealous. 🙂


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