april fourteen

brave or stupid or naive or passionate or crazy or chutzpah or idiocy

i have been jumping off cliffs all year.

i took a leap of epic proportions. i said three words. little or big?

my garden continues to grow. i still fight the battles of the inside of my heart

will the parallels intersect? or will i need to veer off, take an offramp in another direction. i am scared too.

love is a wonder and a breeze and a hailstorm and i drift among it all. how is it that it just takes one kiss, one word, one moment, one look…and i am sweetened, i am softened, i am pudding.

old and gray and still frisky. sitting out on the rocker, watching the world go by. you bring me my coffee and you stoke the fire. i look at you and i see the man who i fell in love with so many years ago. you took me of a haze and you breathed new life into an aching heart. i woke you, shook you, adored you, terrified you, inspired you.

and the rest was unwritten.

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