Crustless Sunday Quiche

its been a while since i’ve shared a recipe and after this scrumptious breakfast i made for a friend this morning, i had to put this out there. waking up, seeing the sunshine, and knowing that i had nothing planned, i checked out my fridge and put together this crustless quiche and served it with a side of pears (the last of my canning from last summer’s Portland Fruit Tree Project harvest..sigh…) and cafe au lait. yum yum yum and super easy – saute whatever ya got, top it with egg mixture, pop it in the oven. and it’s a lot healthier than it’s lorraine cousin, by the way! share this with a good friend like i did! here’s what i did:

Crustless Sunday Quiche

4 eggs + 4 egg whites (local eggs make the difference, pay extra and taste what i’m saying!)
2 tbsp Silk almond milk (non GMO! i hate the taste of soy milk and have fallen in love with this)
1/4 cup lowfat plain organic yogurt (i get whatever oregon brand there is)
handful of cooked bay shrimp (oregon, wild caught, sustainable)
handful of crumbled french feta (i get this by the pound at new seasons, way better, way cheaper, and no additional ingredients besides FETA!)

handful of chopped roma or san marzano tomatoes (mine were canned from last summer)
handful of chopped roasted/marinated red bell peppers (also canned from last summer)
handful of organic green onions (can’t wait for mine to regrow! y’all do know that you can go buy some at the store, use the green part, and pop the bottoms back into the ground and they’ll regrow right? if not, do it !)
tablespoon of parsley (dried from my garden last year)
1 tbsp organic olive oil (i buy spectrum’s in bulk at new seasons, way cheaper and i get to use my own cool glass bottle!)

preheat oven to 350. saute the veggies and herbs in olive oil. whisk eggs, milk, and yogurt. stir in shrimp & feta. grease a pie plate and spread the sauteed veggies across the bottom of the plate. pour eggs over this mixture and stir to make sure the feta and shrimp are evenly distributed. bake for 1 hour or until it doesn’t jiggle even in the middle and is just barely golden brown. eat it and love it.



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