New Flavors!

Bittersweet by Aimee Fahey announces new flavors…

Peanut Butter


Black Forest

I must say, the peanut butter are quite amazing. I mean really, close your eyes OH! amazing.


The Bittersweet Sampler is now available!! Order a dozen truffles via my Etsy Shop and indicate ‘bittersweet sampler’ on your order and you’ll get six of my best sellers (two of each flavor). One dozen hand-rolled, organic, bittersweet truffles (naturally vegan with exception of the Gorgonzola) for $25.

Live in Portland and want your Bittersweet fix NOW? Drop me a line and I’ll let you know what’s in stock for you to come by and pick up, OR stop by Elevated Coffee, where select flavors of my truffles are available.

Enjoy the weekend…Spring is in the air!!

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