april one

when i need to i pull up these photos from my potosi voyage

tonight i’m hunting. hunting with rocks and silk and cardamom and peanut butter. floating along a muddy path, slipping and bumping and envisioning fourteen versions of the future. you know when your writing is restless that you have much ahead. your feet tingle and you look around, hearing the details and focusing on the dots on the wall. you see paths like veins, different directions enticing the eye but always watching them guide you towards the same destiny.

this month is going to be tremendous.

april brings me delight in the anticipation of a sister by my side, an escape to a someday thought, a time to play and lean back in the arms of the one who keeps my mind alive and my wholeness warm and the new steps in my bittersweet evolution. april is about growing, nurturing, new beginnings and soft smiles curling the edges of our mouths upwards. we feel sly but we’re not quite sure why. we deliberately look into the eyes of another…daring them. i dare you to look back, i dare you to see me.

i am burning but i am not charred. there is a slow flame crawling around me, enticing and disruptive, telling me that there is much to begin. i was so afraid for so long of my dreams coming true. now? it’s everything i want and am ready to receive.

thank you.

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