Weekend in Pictures

dude it’s sooooo hard being a Rottweiler

iced coffee, savory pastry…having a bakery open up literally across the street? how awesome is that. even let me bring my own glass in and let me walk their plate over to my house so i could enjoy it out on my deck instead of sitting inside or wasting a bag…love it…

society garlic, planted around my roses…gorgeously pungent, and supposed to ward off those evil bastard aphids (who are already hell bent on killing my roses – covered them like a blanket this morning…nothing gives me a truckdriver mouth like seeing aphids…)

seriously, i made this all by myself. had two 16′ pieces of cedar leftover from deck building so cut them up to make this fire pit with a ledge. need to find a fire bowl to nestle among the rocks before i can burn anything, but in the meantime super proud of myself for using a circular saw, a drill, and my girlie muscles to build this all by me-self. kudos to home depot’s website for the DIY plan (ironically, the fire bowl they advertise is not in stock).
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