Weekend in Pictures

hard to believe yesterday was pouring down rain in every direction, wind popping umbrellas, downpours waking me up and a rainbarrel filled to the brim this morning.

my lilac tree is preparing to blossom…a stump for the first couple of years i owned my home, two years ago it suddenly began to bloom, new growth coming from its core. talk about karma.

oh yeah. that’s me. i even wore a color vaguely resembling pink. i think they call it ‘claret’ or ‘cranberry’ in stores. hmmph. sheer exhaustion. happy to sit out on my deck and drink wine.

anyone watching me in my backyard would be entertained. my dog is even a little jealous at the conversations and encouragement i’ve given my garden. seriously though? those are rows of lettuce and spinach, with garlic and leeks off to the left. marigolds and nasturtiums are finally emerging in the holes of the cinderblocks. rad. i feel like i just spun around and have my wonder woman costume on.

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