Under 24 Hours til Crunch Time – 3/24

This time tomorrow I hope to be sold out, y’all.

I’m making my debut at Last Thursday, a monthly street fair in the Alberta Arts district which is adjacent to my neighborhood. Vendors set up along the street in a beautifully casual way – no permits, no licensing, just random art, food, and music. I have plans to set up in front of Garnish, a lovely store that my girl from Dylanbug connected me with, which just happens to be next to a wine shop…how cool! Now, hopefully it won’t rain, as after today’s 70 degree perfection, it of course is scheduled to shower tomorrow…

Selling my organic, vegan bittersweet chocolate truffles in bags of two to test the market, see what sells, and hopefully make enough to invest in some upgrades for the April event – prettier packaging, sweet labels, et cetera. I have a lovely banner, cool postcards, and great business cards (see above). Not my ideal logo but it was available and until I find something perfectly Aimee, it’s what works for now.

Things have a way of working themselves out, you know? After my bike tire went kaput (not the tube, it turns out), and struggling with figuring out how to connect the bike trailer to my bike, then hearing it might rain anyhow…I received a call from a friend offering to pick me up and haul my table/chair/supplies/etc to the location, help me set it all up and hang with me selling truffles. Couldn’t come at a better time or from a nicer person. Today was topped off by one of my ‘aunties’ (anyone who’s in a big sister role in my life I like to call an auntie) who took me to lunch and told me about her connections in the wine biz, with suggestions on marketing my chocolates to some of the wineries she knows. Ahhh……

Wish me luck tomorrow – rain or shine, I’ll be out there with a smile, offering up little bites of bliss and seeing where the road takes me…

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  1. March 25, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Good luck! Oh and go look at my blog.


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