it’s a day i enjoyed but with the strain of things on my mind…

a flat on the way home from the grocery store. great. i have no bike tools and no spare tube. i know, i know, super smart aimee. so tomorrow i’m walking this baby over to the bike shop in hopes they’ll be able to just do it for me and put on new brake pads as well. say what you might, but this is where i become a girl. i’ve changed a bike tire once ever, under the instruction of a friend. part of me just wants something lighter and prettier – excuses excuses. then i look at the trek soho (above photo) and slowly salivate. with last thursday coming in 6 days and my bike in disarray in the garage, the damn bike trailer i bought is laughing at me when i look at it. bitchy and hormonal, it’s just not an opportune time for this all to occur. grrr. yes, i know, it’s just a stupid flat. but i also just ate a box of drumstick ice cream cones and want to put my head through a wall. gotta love that time the month. sanity takes the day off.

walking rather than biking (the bus is there, yes, but god it’s lovely out and my pot belly needs de-fattening if i’m going to wear my black and white polka dot sundress by solstice), there is an entirely new perspective. you see every house, every detail, every creature. you make friends with the cats who roll over on their backs when they see you, you smell the lingering scent of the cherry trees, you cut through areas you wouldn’t cut through on two wheels. and you make discoveries. the above photo is of a piece of art i found next to a dumpster. it’s actually a front of a drawer or cabinet, and i thought it was so simple and cute that my backyard deserved its happy little vibe.

lunch bliss on a sunny afternoon, as far from the office as i could scramble. salmon skin hand roll, along with two other unphotographed favorites, the spicy scallop and spicy tuna hand rolls. a treat indeed. i love things shaped like cones, i suppose.

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  1. March 21, 2010 at 4:06 am

    Walking is really cool. Unless you're late then it really sucks. If you're early though you'll find a lot of unexpected stuff.


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