my house this time last year just after having removed the lawn

deck in progress

my badass builder boyz (yes this is posed – sonke said ‘wait let me get the saw, this rubber mallet is too sissy looking’)

all done! no railing yet as i’m not sure what i want to do so am using my galvanized steel planters (last year’s ‘driveway garden’, now with tulips, meyer lemon tree, lilies, etc.) as a quasi-border. my neighbor who built it also put in a ‘trapdoor’ so i can still reach my faucet since it was lower than the deck. lovvvve it! can’t wait to get some seating!

One thought on “DECK YEEEEAH

  1. Those cayenne truffles sound scary, but enticing all at the same time.

    I love your new deck!

    Chives are one of my favorite herbs – what a lucky find!

    And last but not least – I'm passing along a Happiness Blogger Award to ya – I said why in my latest post over at This Northwest Life.

    Next time I'm in Portland I am really going to have to try and get my hands on one of those truffles…


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