Why my arse is sore…and back, and legs, and…

may not seem like much but for a thirty six year old weakling such as myself, this kicks my arse. yesterday i filled up these raised beds, and last night went for a ‘please sir may i have another’ serving and dug out half the trench you see around the raised beds (killing the grass over the winter was a HUGE help – so glad i did that as the ground just let my shovel in, no problem). the plan is for a brick pathway around the raised beds, and i am contemplating how to create an area for a fire pit / fire place / fire thingy (i want something a bit more classy than the pile of rocks seen in this photo).

the pile in the background on the left? future home of tomato land. with the rains expected this week, digging this out was perfect timing for me. first, it will let the dirt in the trench harden before i go in and fill it with the requisite gravel, sand and paver bricks. second, it will mush up the leftover dirt i threw into tomato-land so it won’t be so ridiculously high. i had so much dirt excavated that i created a second pile in the above right corner. my property has this strange ‘party hat’ on the corner of the lot (imagine a square with a little additional triangle in the corner), that also happens to go a bit downhill, so it was a perfect dumping ground. it also is a pretty shady area so right now, building it up with dirt is about all the energy i have. this year i’ve been overly ambitious as it is, so the less i have to think right now the better.

meanwhile, the edges of my old jack purcells completely stripped off doing the shovel grrl thing this morning. but god was it nice to be out in the yard this morning – a little cold but about 10 minutes into it i was nice and warm and even my pup came out to see what the crazy lady was doing digging up her yard.

  One thought on “Why my arse is sore…and back, and legs, and…

  1. Don
    February 21, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    wow! that looks really nice! you must have sore arms moving all those blocks around. Just carrying them is a good workout! You'll love the raised beds this summer.


  2. February 21, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    You make me feel so unproductive.


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