that one

it’s green and it’s blue and it’s purple and i love you. every season changes you in ways you can never anticipate. hearts fail and hearts explode and your lesson is one i’ve learned thrice. i gave up thinking about tomorrow and instead think of what feeds my soul. yesterday you were in my dreams. he died and i went away. the record skips and i am back in that fucking room. i’ve never been one for building a mystery. i need nothing, i want everything. my hunger is unspeakable. you own everything under my skin and i don’t feel weakened. today i breathed deeper and wondered. then stopped wondering. work to be done, garden to plant, creatress and bohemian and dynamic and what-not. bare feet and warm skin and a mind that climbs through mine and words that slide around in my head and heart. and, the easy way, softening me at any given moment.

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