Five hearts and workin’ hard

worm have rudimentary brains but they have five hearts and can live up to fourteen years. how can you not want to support these little darlings with a compost pile of your very own? just a little dreamin’ now…with temps in the upper 50’s here and expected to hit 60 by thursday, mama wanna garden now now now…

i have my own (yawn) boring Earth Machine compost bin, but really want something a bit more dreamy. this does ok but is basically a plastic shell. so what i’m groovin’ on is something that spins or in some way separates out the ready-to-go stuff from the still-decomposing stuff or hurries the hell up. or all three…
the worm factory is super awesome, and on my wish list. organized drawers of compost luv, with wormy workers gettin down with the scraps. and the container is made of 100% recycled plastic.

then there’s the sun-mar continuous composter which i think is kick arse as you spin it and the good stuff comes out into a separate section, so you never have to stop the composting, collecting it as it’s ready. super cool man.

and finally, composting indoors. rad. i keep a compost bowl on my kitchen counter and dump it outdoors in the bin when it’s full. not always gorgeous. this nature mill composter darling plugs in and composts in a hurry. you can use it outside as well, but either way, it handles up to 120 lbs a month of compost. rad. yes, i said rad again.

what do i compost? fruit and veggie scraps? yup. eggshells? nope – i found out if you crunch up the shells they are great border for garden beds to act as ‘glass’ to keep the slugs away. coffee grounds? yup. green n brown yard stuff? yup. bread? yup. butter wrapping shredded up? yup. (although i discovered those earth balance bastards make vegan butter with foil wrapping…argh…ok they’re not bastards, but i thought it sounded funny to say). oil in small quantities? yup (never had a problem with these – someone said to pour oil on weeds in the patio cracks, which did nothing except cause my rottweiler to obsessively lick the bricks for days). and speaking of her loveliness, someday i would love to have a Doggie Dooley for pet waste composting. Sigh…

never say you can’t compost. these are all storeboughts, but lots of easy ways to build your own compost & worm bins. check it out.


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