my essentials, this year and always

biking in the city…any season is great, but in the summertime with the breeze? loveliest. favorite memory of ’09? riding over to the bye and bye in the summertime, sharing cold drinks with friends, then riding home in the late evening air, stars above…
focusing on my center…anything to bring me inwards is a gorgeous thing, but in 2009 i was especially grateful for ‘karma yoga’ classes on alberta, the free friday afternoon classes donated by the community yoga school, giving me the gift during a difficult time (not to mention allowing me to regain my strength in several poses)
trusty camera, happy girl…there is nothing like the comfort of having my camera with me. in 2010 i hope to be able to sell a few pieces of my art and use the proceeds to buy myself a digital back for my SLR…2009 inspiration? meeting annie leibovitz, no question.
dancing slow, nowhere else i’d rather be…there is something so sweet about a quiet, spontaneous moment of being close to the one who makes your heart go bumpity-bump. 2009 inspirations are in my closet, in the form of strappy heels…although bare feet work just as well…
capturing the beauty in my friends with my camera…i love taking the women i know and transforming them into an image that tells a story of who they are while bringing out the glow in their eyes and the beauty they may never have quite seen themselves (note: this is a rare color portrait of a friend that is part of my portfolio). inspiration this year? a couple i know.
creating lusciousness with bittersweet chocolate…the evolution of my chocolate has been quite a journey, discovering the subtleties of the varieties provided by valrhona, scharffen berger, dagoba, and others. this year, truly inspired by the bittersweet pumpkin truffle at my siren nation show, handing them out to strangers and seeing their eyes close at the taste…
simplicity in living…bare skin, ocean breezes, happy faces…i had the opportunity to stay at a family friend’s cabin several times this year before she died this summer. watching my dog play in the water with the other pups, feeling that lovely squish of sand between your toes, conversation with friends at dusk with the waves crashing nearby…my bliss. this year’s inspiration? as always, my happy dog, trotting ahead, occasionally looking back with that smile on her face, happy like me to be in the salty air.
music to make me groove, make me sigh, make me shake it…this year’s economic issues took away the opportunity for certain shows, but with a great friendship that grew this past year with a friend who’s partner brings music to the masses, i was able to be surrounded by folk, gospel, jazz, acoustic, zydeco, even a little pop/rock on the local scene. tie-breaker moments? gospel on a hot day with great soul food later, and chillin’ with the girls listening to a friend sing ‘under the milky way’, reminding me of years gone by, my how they fly by…
love…wearing my heart on my sleeve, asset or liability? doesn’t matter, it’s who i am. the more one tries to get away from who they truly are, the more they regret it. surrounding myself with friends who understand who i am and love me for it? that’s what it’s all about. i met some interesting boys this year, all good people but with traits that made me know exactly what was and wasn’t going to work in this new chapter of ecogrrl. i’ve seen much, and now know that my intuition is spot on- and so now, i let it flow and listen to my heart. coolness.
gardening makes me happy. as a girl who grew up running out to the suburban garden to grab veggies for supper, fighting perilous spiderwebs and slugs, and canning applesauce in the summers, it was lovely to give myself the time to create my driveway garden, and tear out my front yard to plant strawberries, blueberries, thyme, rosemary, and more. this year, i have an open slate that makes me giddy to think about. let it grow…

couldn’t be luckier to have the friends i have, they make my world go ’round. whether it be my new sistas, little sistas, longtime amigas, my boyz, the neighbors, or even the ones who wander in and out over the years, i am grateful, i am spoiled rotten, i am happy. my friends range from twenty-something to eighty-something – how fantastic is that? solstice parties always give me that happy little glow, realizing how much love there is out there and how unique and incredible every single friend of mine is. 2009? the list is long, but i will say some of the friendships developed just this year have struck such a chord in me. i know this has to do with my own evolution as well – like attracting like – but still i say thank you.
always and forever, the road trip, discovering nooks and crannies all over the world. this year was incredibly stifling with the job loss, but my mexico getaway in january started the year off in a life changing way, giving me that dream of wandering down an isolated beach in next to nothing, swimming in the ocean, taking photographs, feeling sun-kissed, and eating simple yet delicious food. so when everything came crashing around me, my road trips evolved into two-wheeled adventures – getting to know my own city in a way that as a native i never had. urban hikes with a friend also provided new perspectives, and would be my inspiration – walking amongst the trees of oaks wildlife refuge with a friend? great little adventure. but i will say, in 2010, mama needs some real excursions outside of this city…perhaps my friend in vieques, PR, will be the motivator, hmm…
**note all photos on this post are borrowed with exception of the color portfolio one of my friend, which is from my own photog portfolio

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    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll defiantely consider the treatment for the heel spur. I love all of your photo's there great. Stop by again.


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