With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy.
~ Lope de Vega

It’s getting close to that time. Watching my rose bushes prepare themselves to go dormant, it gives me just a little bit of nostalgia for those years in Santa Barbara where I walked around barefoot in January and gave love to my roses all year long. And then I meander around the yard, pulling weeds and spreading leaves in the garden, and feel the cool air around me. I am home. The cycling of the seasons is a beautiful thing and allows everything to shut down, hibernate, and bring forth new life, year after year. There is nothing better about this time of year than watching life around you evolve, watching those final leaves departing the trees, bundling up just a little more each day, enjoying the feeling of burying yourself in the warmth of a down comforter and warming your toes in fuzzy socks.

I love escaping into the wild during this time as well. Building a fire, dipping into a lake, laughing at the universe…feeling the world close and civilization far. Knowing what’s real, what’s genuine, and leaving all negative energy behind. There is such bliss in simplicity.

It’s time. Yesterday I was reminded of a piece of me that hasn’t received enough nurturing this year…that inside glow that I get from random escapes into the world, conversations with those who understand that part of my being, a simple scratch to the back that allows me to reach, allows me to go wherever I need to go. The ocean calls. The road calls. I’m back.


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