Turkeys to Disneyland? NOT cool.

From farmsanctuary.org

Sign Our Petition Urging President Obama to Send Pardoned Turkeys to Farm Sanctuary
(November 5, 2009)
It is a tradition in the U.S. for the president to “pardon” two turkeys on Thanksgiving Day. But what happens to these animals after they leave the limelight? Since 2005 the pardoned turkeys have been sent either to Walt Disney World or to Disneyland. Though Disneyland is marketed as the “happiest place on earth,” it has not been so for these turkeys. Commercially-bred turkeys are prone to serious health issues, and an amusement park is simply not equipped to provide the specialized care that these birds need. At least half of the turkeys sent to a Disney park have died within one year. Turkeys are sentient creatures, not attractions, and if their pardon is to be genuine, they must be sent to the happiest place on earth for turkeys: Farm Sanctuary.
Please sign our petition asking President Barack Obama to send the turkeys he pardons this year to our shelter in Watkins Glen, New York, where they will receive the highest quality lifelong care. We must submit our petition by November 20 to be heard in time, so please sign today and ask all your friends, family and co-workers to do the same!


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