Dealing with Single Pane Windows…

Living in an 84 year old home has its perks and also has some interesting issues.

Windows that are very thin and celebrate condensation, for example. So, while I am not at the budget to replace them, I’ve experimented with various ways to keep a little more cold out and warm in, during the upcoming season. Last year it was all about the ‘saran wrap window’ – essentially, cheap plastic that you put up over your windows from the outside with double-sided tape. Wind whipped these puppies and aesthetically? Well it looks just like it sounds.

This year I’m trying out the idea of bubble wrap based on an article I read. It’s inexpensive, it’s reusable, it’s installed from the inside, and also doesn’t mess up your windows. I was able to get a 150′ roll at the local home improvement big box store for $19…more than enough to wrap all my windows thrice over. While they recommend the large bubbles to still see through the windows, I like the privacy and effect of the small bubbles (as shown above).

It’s also insanely easy to do. Cut the bubble wrap to fit the dimensions of the window. Spray the windows. Lay the bubble wrap, bubble side toward the window, against the glass. Bada bing. Note: If you want, you can add a second layer, using the same method. Neat-o.

One thought on “Dealing with Single Pane Windows…

  1. Great post Grrl!! I like the bubble wrap idea… op, I just thought of a drawback… kids, they will go pop happy. Well, I've done it another way. Several years ago I bought plastic drop cloth (found in the painters isle) and used it to seal off the windows (as there is a large space between window and wall, so that's what works for me, same general idea… 🙂


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