My Driveway Garden

You can garden anywhere. Proof positive. Last year I sold my car and along with all the yummy eco-goodness coming from that, it also gave me the sunniest spot on my property – my driveway. My front yard is partial shade with the rotten ‘tree of heaven’ out front that someday I will do away with, and the back yard has two more tall darlings as well, so my side yard is the loveliness. Every single space is used! The onions are thriving along the side of the house, behind them is the zucchini duo and just past that the artichoke twins. If you squint you’ll see, just in front of my garage, more goodies – cucumbers and sugar snap peas, planted along a section of ugly chain-link fence for their climbing pleasure.

The galvanized steel pots were a killer find – thank you IKEA! I think I got all 10 of them for around $100 and then hammered holes in the bottom to create drainage. Grabbed some river rock that’s in the old dog run out back to put as a base, some dirt from an overgrown corner in the back yard, then mixed some Black Gold and fresh compost from the heap on top and WOW! My garden is happy. I live in Oregon and bell peppers are a challenge. These planters hold onto the sun and my peppers (3 bells, 1 serrano) are exploding…

Just a note that I am not an experienced gardener at all! The most I ever grew before this year were tomatoes (maybe 4 in an entire crop) and basil. These planters make it SO easy and so controllable – plus unlike those giant ‘trough’ steel containers that many are using for raised bed action, you can actually lift these fellas to move around if you discover they’re not catching the sun as well as they should, etc. Someday the tree-of-heaven (I have a not so nice word to actually describe those buggers) will be gone out of my back yard and I can have a real legit garden, but this is a tremendous start, and there is nothing I love more than going out there each evening and checking the progress of my herbs and veggies.

I have also started growing blueberries – 7 bushes to be exact. Note for those blueberry lovers – instead of netting them or spraying them, a great way to keep the birds away from them is to put up a hummingbird feeder in the vicinity. They ‘guard’ their territory (around the feeder) and therefore putting them near your blueberries will bring you an instant (and beautiful) protector!

This is my uber fabulous rain barrel and stand, made at the NE Portland Tool Library in a $25 Saturday morning workshop. What fun – with no mechanical abilities they were really great in showing us how to put it together, and build the wooden stand (imagine getting water out of that w/o the stand!). This was a plain light blue soy sauce barrel, so I grabbed some cheap plastic paints from Fred Meyer and painted it kindergarten style. That way it’s not some crazy ugly barrel, it’s a cute happy rain catcher! And let me tell you…one solid rainstorm filled it up. My next problem? What to do when it really rains…I’m pondering a cistern at this point in time…who knew! But man do I love it – I’ve been watering my veggies all week and it pours out like a faucet. Free is a great price!

I realized that I’ve posted pix of my driveway garden on another site but not my yummy blog!


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