Memories of Tom – from Mike Parker


Written in my grade school graduation booklet by Tom: “To a good nice small boy who could be mad.” Tom

As the second item on the graduation program from 8th grade, Tom sang the song “Today’s the Day” as a tribute to our priests. “Today’s the Day” was a version of “Teen Angel” with words by Kathy Karris, a fellow grad.
After high school graduation, Tom was never inclined to attend any of the various reunions held. I think he felt that what was past need not be revisited.

For a time while were living together as roommates, he did a lot of jogging, usually around Grant Park in Portland. I went with him a few times, but I was never much of a runner. I would stop when I was done and he would just keep right on going.

Our experiences with our first roommate, Joe B. Smith from Kentucky, who was a Lieutenant in the Army and worked with Tom were “interesting”. It was through a double date Tom went on with Joe and another girl, that I met my wife Sharon. The three roommate household did not last through the winter. Tom and I went on to rent two more apartments over the next year before he married Judy. I rented one more and then got my house. He moved to West Linn. I moved back to North Portland. He continued moving. I stayed put

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