Memories of Tom – from Linda Ulrich

The memory that sticks out the most is the time when Tom really wanted a “pigshave” haircut, but Mom and Dad said no. So he wanted me to give hime one – Lori know what happens when I try to do haircuts!. He had pieces of hair here – there – and everywhere! There was no salvaging that head of hair at all. Dad was so mad – Mom cried. Tom eneded up with the pigshave, because they took him down to the neighbor’s and that’s all she could do was shave it all off. Tom was sooooooooo grounded, but of course the little princess got no punishment at all.

Bosco, Puddy, Teeter, and Toody!

I think Tom really wanted a little brother, not a little sister when we were growing up – we both really liked Friday night wrestling and I was the dummy – I tried to hold on as long as I could but I always said “Uncle”!

We were true “Beavers” during our years at OSU!

He washed, I dried – but he was always trying to get out of doing his share.

One special Christmas in Fife Heights right after Scott was born when Aimee and Tom came to share the holidays, and the whole family was together (1979).


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