Memories of Tom – from Carrie Aadland

Tom was very good to me as during the years he was my step dad. He nick named me Carlile Poo Berry and treated me as one of his own children. I remember when he came into my room in the middle of the night and whispered that mom was in labor and you were on your way to join us in the world. He was so excited to have you–as was I.

Tom loved taking photos and making slides out of them. I loved family slide show night showing pictures of all of us playing in the back yard in the wading pool and sprinklers. Other great slide show memories where when we went to Canada for our family trip and he carried you around in his back pack as we toured all the sites.

Tom also introduced me to god and Johnny and I went to CCC at Our Lady of the Lake. We both enjoyed those classes and learning prayers and going to church as a family. John and I were also both baptized when your dad was married to mom, which was a special memory (a little scary too–smile). I remember when you were baptized too, and you were not very accommodating when the minister poured water on your tiny head (duh-smile).

Baskin Robbins was also a big treat that Tom would take Johnny and I too. I had licorice flavored and Johnny would have Chocolate Chip. We also always took the family dog, George, with us to have ice cream (as Tom would always buy him a scoop too).

I will miss Tom and will always hold a special place for him in my heart, since he was my second dad through my younger years (kindergarten to 6th grade).

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