Week in Pictures

Our latest hive check went well. We’d put on the second brood box a couple of weeks ago and those gals are busy busy! I’m always amazed at how they build the comb with such perfect little hexagons. On the left, Dan is pointing out that he sees the queen, who has clearly finished her work in the bottom box…

Guest Post: Five Women

When my husband and I married, he shrunk his collection of books by about 80% in order to move across the Pacific, and recently I noticed the majority of his books are by male authors. If you think about it, books written by women are all too often considered “women’s lit” and movies directed by women or written by them…


My front garden making me happy… The second half of May is under way…what a trip how time is flying…hope you all are having a lovely Spring (or Autumn, depending on where you are)… What an interesting story about Andre Leon Talley – for those of you who don’t know, he was the right hand man to Anna Wintour at…

Week in Pictures

  So I already packed up my pie plates, and yet the rhubarb still begged to be picked. So I (gasp) bought a storebought crust as I also had a big ass bunch of strawberries from the farmer’s market last week that needed to become pie. So I pulled out my copy of A Year of Pies by the awesome…


Impatient for our house to come up, but loving watching our late spring flowers give us their final show… here are some things I’ve been reading I thought I’d share (and of course, something to boogie to at the end…): Life better once I hit 50, they claim? Six years to go, I’ll tell you if that’s true when I…

Piggy Camp (a guest post)

Ok folks I am thrilled to share with you some of the photos that my husband took during his recent three day workshop at Farmstead Meatsmith, about two and a half hours north of Portland on Vashon Island, and a description of his experience. FYI: some of these photos are graphic in the depiction of the process, so vegans might not…

Week in Pictures

Hell yeah it’s May in the garden!It makes me misty-eyed to see how much of this we’ll be leaving behind when we sell this, and just hope that whoever the buyer is loves our garden and takes good care of it. (From top left: bee’s friend, snowball bush, rose, pink poppy & borage, allium, dogwood, clematis, bee balm, iris, red…

Overnight Getaway: Vashon Island

Last weekend I got a chance to visit Vashon Island (for non-Northwest folks, this is an island near the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington), as my husband was finishing up what I affectionately refer to as “Piggy Camp“. He had one of the most amazing experiences of his life there (look for a guest blog post from him soon) and that…

Would you like some PTSD with that ?

So eight weeks of bleeding y’all. Eight weeks on my period was what it took to get me into a doctor. I had talked to my naturopath about it and she had recommended I start on Vitex, to help regulate it, but I knew deep down that whatever’s going on with my body is beyond herbal supplements. When I first…

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