The Meat Man Cometh…

As my sweetheart prepares to hit the big 5-0 in a couple weeks, I decided to surprise him a bit early with a birthday present (we like making birthdays last as long as humanly possible) and gave him a meat grinder with sausage stuffer, something he as a meat fanatic had been dying to have. He was STOKED! It was…

Week in Pictures

  the heat wave is over!!! the inside of my car is normal, the bees have stopped bearding outside the hive to cool off, and summer is back to its regularly scheduled programming…yayyy! August is in full swing and the gladiolas are finishing up, the cardoons – which after a 3′ year last year are now well over 7′ tall…

still fractured

“We don’t want to admit to ourselves when we have been victimized because we don’t want to have to feel our vulnerability in the world. We want to go on pretending, just as children do, that we are invincible—that nothing can get us down, nothing can touch us…We not only ignore and blame victims but we expect them to recover…

Week in Pictures

Just before the jackasses in pickup trucks showed up to terrorize the beaches. I fucking hate how there are still places they allow people to drive right on the sand – it’s dangerous and disrespectful, both environmentally and to people trying to have a quiet day at the beach away from all that kind of thing. Ugh. But it was…

Week in Pictures

Definitely a low key week for me work-wise, as things are going at a very slow pace compared to first half, and while there are always times of the year like this, it’s definitely always been a challenge for me to “just chill”. But hey, it enabled us to have some friends over for breakfast, to get the house cleaned…


Last week of July, whoa! Next week, right on schedule, the reason I hate August will be here. 102 degree forecast for Wednesday. Fuckity fuck fuck.  I detest the heat and with just the bedroom A/C it’s not going to be great. So because of that, this is a special Grumpy Edition of Eco-licious…with a nice happy musical treat at…


I was watching television on a Saturday night, thinking “is this all there is?” and the loneliness enveloping me. It’s what’s made me eat when I shouldn’t, that numbing food addiction that made me say to myself “tonight I’m going to fuck over my body with unkind food choices.” And I get sick and I cry to myself, because it’s…

Week in Pictures

It’s like watching paint dry waiting for tomatoes to get red. Our tomatoes I will say have definitely made up for lost time, I mean it isn’t even the end of July yet and after such a late start with the rainy spring, to have the first few glimpses of orange-turning-to-red, I’m pretty stoked. Crossing fingers that blossom end rot…

Workin’ 9 to 5 (…and celebrating 5 years!)

While I’ve spoken about my 5 years in business to clients, I actually forgot to write my annual blog post celebrating my anniversary this year! So, belated happy birthday to me running Imprint PDX! It’s amazing to think that I have not worked in a regular office environment for FIVE years now, and equally amazing to be at a point…

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