Wherever I Am

This past week has definitely been worse. For three days in a row it felt worse inside, and today I am simply attempting neutral or numb, whatever hurts least. For those three days I could not seem to separate the loss from the rest of me. And even today, I can’t seem to define myself as anything but this woman…


For real, y’all. This past week I did something I never could have imagined: I hemmed 2 pairs of curtains. Gotta love Pinterest for leading me to this SUPER easy how-to article to hem curtains without sewing. I’d bought a couple sets of clearance blackout curtains for the office-slash-future nursery at Fred Meyer for $30, and they were about 7″…

Week in Pictures

Ahh, one of the reasons I adore September – harvesting from our garden! Sweet bell peppers for roasting and marinating; serranos, habanero & scotch bonnet chili peppers for hot sauce; fresh oregano for drying; and loads of San Marzano and Amish Paste tomatoes to combine with garlic (harvested earlier this summer), bay leaf, onions, salt and pepper, and olive oil…

ϟ What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? That I’m the “real deal”. To be known as genuine and authentic in my interactions, personally and professionally, is a tremendous compliment. ϟ What’s one thing you’re deeply proud of — but would never put on your résumé? My ability to set boundaries in relationships – it has taken a long time but…


Each morning I get up and check my phone. It used to be to check for emails from work, but now that is secondary. The first thing I do is check the reader of the blogs I’m following, then go over to the search area where I have “IVF”, “infertility”, and “miscarriage” tagged and see who else is out there,…


Look at what the husband made! A couple months ago he decided he wanted to make a little something for the future bebe’s room and we found a seashell mobile and rather than buy one, he grabbed a piece of driftwood from our recent trip to Bandon and used a ceramic drill bit to make holes in a bunch of…

Week in Pictures

My honey’s birthday on Sunday was all about celebrating love…and GREAT food! With his growing interest in learning the art of charcuterie, I gave him a mini-library of great books (presenting one each day up until his birthday) that give four perspectives of beautifully, respectfully, sustainably and deliciously honoring everything Pig. And for the piece de resistance? A French canvas…

Let the Games Begin…

Kickoff… After a nervous five days awaiting the start of my period, it finally arrived, signifying the official beginning of round five of DEIVF.  For those not familiar with what I deal with, I start estrogen on the first full day of my period after finishing a round of birth control pills…but if I don’t get my period by a…

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