Right this second (now)

It’s been a while, you and your letters that all came together out of the broadness of my mind. Back when I’d just let my heart go onto keys and out would come bits of my brain and heart and memories and hopes and, well, you know the rest. It’s been a while since I simply released, let that control…

Week in Pictures

Ruby was obsessing about getting into the car when we got a surprise burst of sunshine, so I took her for a ride down to the St John’s Bridge and walked around for a wee bit. With all the rain, the river has flooded and you can see how the water has come up onto the grass where we’d normally…

Let the games begin…

Here we go, y’all. Day one of my last DEIVF cycle is here. After a day full of parsley tea to encourage things to get going, I got my period last night and therefore tonight will be the first delestrogen shot. It’s always funny how you have to call the RE to tell them you got your period. For some…


An advocate for women? My ass. How can a woman whose mother was raped by her father, and whose father bragged about his history of sexual assault, support her father? How can a woman claim to be an advocate for women when she has done exactly nothing to fight for women’s rights? She is repulsive. What a fucking crapper of…

Gratitude Alert!

The bagels turned out freakin’ fabulous – and not any harder than making bread (literally 2 extra steps!). One was a bit bigger than the rest, heh, but dang they were tasty – especially with red onions, capers, and the homemade maple and fennel cured salmon we made from our annual Alaskan salmon CSA that we were savvy enough to…

Due Date

Yesterday I laid on the acupuncture table with my eyes closed and let my mind take me wherever it wanted to go.  I started thinking about our Doula that we absolutely fell in love with and chose to work with when we were just about nine weeks pregnant. And when I got home I open the mailbox to find a…

Nesting? Yes, Nesting.

Ready? Set? GO! March is quite a month for us. We are nesting – in multiple ways – as we start on a first chapter and a final chapter in two different aspects of our life. Our ducklings arrived yesterday and we practically flew to the post office to get them (awesome to have them come in on my husband’s…

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