Well let’s not talk about how a guy who’s been trying to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency is now head of the EPA. And let’s not talk about how even Russia is laughing the “president” off and sending subs into our waters. And let’s really really not talk about how the domestic adoption agency’s $500 “training” (which instead was primarily…

April is locked n loaded…

 We are all set for our final embryo transfer on April 14th. I heard back from the ERA rep at a Igenomix as well who said that she reviewed our records and the data shows a 90% chance that this indeed is my window of implantation time, which made me feel good, and so now the only thing left to…

Week in Pictures

Well we are getting closer to Duckville! As you can see, it looks a bit Dr. Seuss-like with it’s crookedness and hey, it’s the first time we’ve built a door so things match up as best as they can, heh, but it is keeping fairly dry all things considered. Still have some detail work, but otherwise, our big goal now…

WTF, seriously?

After the second mock cycle, today was ERA biopsy #2. Took my valium, took my vicodin, popped my ibuprofen, and…my fucking cervix would not open. Now any of you who’ve had your cervix manually dilated know that this is a hell unlike no other. Well, I’ve had this done seven times in my life, so was ready for that. But…


Another week gone by, another biopsy done, another TWW that will not lead to a pregnancy result but still hoping for a BFP of another kind, the one that hollers out “Receptive” in all its glory. Here’s the latest to get your link fixes going for the week’s end… Well, damn. In the waiting room to get my MRI, I’m…

Week in Pictures

Husband is in month two of his self-education in the World o’ Meat. After he got spoiled on his birthday this past year with books focused on All Things Meat, I suggested he try a different recipe each month so he can continue learning right here at home. So we corned our own beef for Christmas, then in January he…

Who Knew

Who knew I’d say thank you for a misdiagnosis for my back. Turns out the x-ray report was wrong. I do NOT have pars defect in my spine!!!!! It’s “just” a lumbar herniated disc in my L4/L5. Woo hoo! Well, not woo hoo, as I’m not jumping for joy as there’s still a long recovery, weekly PT and chiro, and…


Yeah don’t you all want to come to America now!!! Are we looking like the most inviting place on Earth now or what? Suddenly Australia PM Turnbull doesn’t look so bad. Somehow we’re all nostalgic for Dubya. And yeah, don’t even get me started on the Dickhead In Chief’s threat to invade Mexico. When.Am.I.Going.To.Wake.Up. Here’s some things to consider in…

My Effing Back

When infertility’s shitstorm is not enough and you want more, let me introduce…. The L4/L5 Pars Defect of the Lumbar Spine. A big thank you to the fuckwads in the ER back in November who didn’t think Xrays would be worthwhile since I didn’t have numbness/tingling and because the “treatment is the same no matter what”. And a big thank…

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