Remembering our sweet girl: one year later

This week we paid tribute to our sweet girl Ruby, who we lost one year ago. We had her only three years before she died, but they were three incredibly wonderful years worth of memories, her sweetness brightening our little piece of the world. From the moment we brought her home from the shelter, she was part of our family…

Week in Pictures

While I’m not a gravy type of gal, I will say that my first attempt (yep, ever) at making a chicken pot pie turned out pretty frickin’ tasty. The recipe is from one of the first bloggers I ever started following almost a decade ago, Ashley English, whose cookbook A Year of Pies is pretty fab. She doesn’t blog that…

EcoFem Links – November 2018

While the world seems to have lost it’s damn mind in so many ways, this past week there were some things worth celebrating, and it all began with the color BLUE! And along with Democrats regaining the majority in the House of representatives, the number of women in the House in 2019 will have grown from 19% to 23%, including…

Week in Pictures

Talk about a first for me! I’ve never worked with bricks/masonry, and so I had to look it up online how to remove bricks for the awful pink brick hearth. Now don’t worry, we are NOT planning to eliminate a wood stove from our future! We simply want to start from as much scratch as possible, as the situation we…

A Decade of Blogging

“You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” This quote by Camus was included in my very first blog post on November 2, 2008. Back then when I started this blog, originally titled EcoGrrl, I was in a very different place… I was one week from the death of my father after he…

Week in Pictures

Well I’m officially in love with goats – oy vey! Over at our neighbor’s house (she has 9 goats, 2 mules, three dogs and a ton of turkeys, chickens, and ducks..whew!) I spent some time with these sweethearts and just fell head over heels for them. She takes such good care of them and makes cheese from their milk along…

The World Behind Us…

We are blessed to live with an old logging road behind us and tons of forestland, and slowly but surely we are beginning to explore it, through long walks, forays into the trees to look for mushrooms, hikes in the rain in my new waterproof Clarks (yay!), and observations of the quiet spots in our new home that make us…

Week in Pictures

Our girl Ethel is struggling. A few weeks ago we noticed she was slowing down and exhibiting signs that I can only relate to dementia, as she’d suddenly stop and seem to be lost, and while the other three will hustle to the coop at dinnertime, she’d just seem out of sorts and have to be corralled in. Then we…

EcoFem Links (formerly Eco-licious)

It’s been in the low 70’s all week so I had to switch gears from the umpteen house remodeling projects we’re working on to the outdoors where I swear, I PROMISE that there will be a huge-ass garden in 2019. One of the major decisions was figuring out how big to make it, whether to enclose it, and how to…

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