Nothing like everything freezing over the day after a bit of snow. I was a total shut-in because of the icy sidewalks (good grief I am dying dying DYING to sit down at the table rather than eat standing up, ugh!!),  sending my husband out morning to shoot these on my behalf as this is my favorite part of icy…

Prepping for the Fake Cycle

Time to cross the fingers. Took the last Provera pill yesterday and so we’re now waiting for my period to begin, hoping that did the trick so that I can finally get crackin’. By Monday I should be starting the mock cycle of delestrogen injections every 3rd day, getting my Endometrial Receptivity biopsy (ERA) scheduled – nothing like working injections…

Snow Day!

Y’all who live in the Pacific Northwest or other places where snow is not a way of life during winter can appreciate our excitement when it is in the forecast. Fortunately, it came on my husband’s day off, starting out being forecasted as an ice storm and ending up with about an inch or two on the ground – the…

Love to Lydia

Last night my husband and I were watching us special on public television about some historical  events  in Portland, and I suddenly had the urge to look up the name of someone who had a great impact on me when I was a young woman. I hadn’t run into her for a few years and hadn’t taken the time to…

Week in Pictures

Oh yes and the mice have issued an official “fuck you” to us as well. Remember the beautiful compost bin we built out of scrap wood and lined with hardware cloth (picture at left)? Well unbeknownst to us, those little rodent fuckers not only chew through wood but through hardware cloth. We’d noticed this summer that the pile was sinking…


While I have more than enough time alternately lying on my back with pillows under my knees and pacing around the house, doing my PT exercises during both, why not get back to my regular Friday Eco-licious posts? I love when folks provide new perspective on the natural world, and You’re a Bee.This is What it Feels Like. was too…

Forced R’n’R

House Bound I’m not known for my patience, y’all. Sunday I was released from the hospital and while it took about 10 minutes getting in and out of our small hatchback (you never realize how giant your head is til you try this with a lower back injury!), we finally got me home and husband went to pick up all…

And like that? Sunk.

sunk like that. after a month i’m now hyper/hypo thyroidic, with my TSH level having gone UP to 2.5 from 2.1 after a month of increased compounded medications and my thyroid antibodies also increased by 50%. my body is continuing to attack itself from the inside out. oh and did i mention, still no period even with acupuncture, parsley tea,…

The Complexity of One Word

Oh I’ve had a week.  A week deep in thought, a week plowing through the fields of my mind. Do you ever have those times where you find your eyes have clouded and you start thinking about times, moments, people, events that shaped you so deeply but are now so embedded in your history? It has been that kind of…

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