Post-BFN Getaway: Yachats!

Lots and lots of time to just do…whatever. Our 4 days in Yachats were really, really good and really, really needed. A quiet little cheap motel right on the beach with a kitchenette to make our own meals, waking up to the sound of the ocean, being able to walk out the door and be steps from the sand, enough…


Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. As Scary Mommy said in her blog post about miscarriage and the encouragement of society to STFU until you hit 12 weeks, “Imagine what happens when a pregnancy that no one knew about — but still has altered her in so many ways — suddenly ends? Imagine having to carry the burden…

One Lesson Learned…

Anniversary in the Wallowas – booked! So tonight I was watching another episode of Chelsea, and Kevin Hart was talking about the question “What now?” that people often get after achieving something, and how important it is to always have an answer to that question, no matter what you’ve accomplished. I thought about that, and I realized you know what,…

Still, I Rise

yeah so this week sucked ass to put it mildly. along with my gratitude for the support i’ve received, i’ve also appreciated the immense pissed-offed-ness of several folks that has driven me from self-pity to a healthy fury at how i was (not) cared for during this past year and a half. here i was thinking my self-advocacy was enough…


Well, readers, it’s been a fucking week to put it lightly. Here’s five things to distract us infertiles from the crap we’re battling… Did you know where baking soda comes from? Check it out! Did you know you could have Hashimoto’s and not even know it? Read here! Did you know that some folks do cool shit with whale carcasses?…

Our Adoption (or lack thereof…?)

Ethiopia’s imposed a state of emergency for 6 months, enforcing a curfew, allowing for the elimination of due process, and seeing a rise in violence against foreigners. No travel, no adoptions, and a whole lot of heartache for the little ones in orphanages waiting for their families to be matched with them. Two months ago we were told it’d be…


It’s 56 Degrees…and I’m in a Tank Top Nothing like the progesterone-induced hot flashes. Silly me, thinking I might get away this cycle without them! Opening the window at our breakfast table to let the breeze in as I was just emanating heat (and not in a sexy way), I realized that it wasn’t the humidity. Everywhere I walk I…

Those Songs that Come Up…

I’m one of those people who almost always keeps her iPod on “random” and when it comes to preparing for IVF, the day before I’ll listen to music and take every song as a sign of things to come. During Cycle Four I swear to god the song was Baby Love by The Supremes. It was kinda awesome, those weeks…


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