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Ten Father’s Days have passed since you died. Four Father’s Days have passed since my husband’s father died. And we close in on the 2-year anniversary that I found out I was pregnant, the only time I would be pregnant for nine glorious weeks before fatherhood was stolen away from my husband, and motherhood was stolen away from myself. Some…


Continuing my walk down memory lane, I remember my very first DIY trellis, made from the branches of a holly tree cut down in my yard, jammed into the ground and attached with household string. Sure enough it worked, and sure enough, I realized at the time that THIS many green beans weren’t my jam. I’ve evolved since then on…

Sentimental, Part Two

I told you all the other day about how sentimental I am getting about leaving my home and my garden, but I didn’t tell you about how sentimental I am getting about leaving my community, a place that, while I grew up in this town, returning in 2006 for “Portland 2.0” was a completely different chapter that is so very…

Week in Pictures

How I love a great set of Before and After shots! On the left you have my husband when he was not yet my husband, here visiting me from Australia in the summer of 2013. The two purplish plants to his right are a purple smokebush and an elderberry. The greenery in front were some black calla lilies and they…

Getting Sentimental…

Saturday is upon us and several more showings are on the schedule. I need to leave the house spotless, immaculate, unlived in yet welcoming, inviting to a buyer who will hopefully see themselves in this garden we are leaving for them in this kitchen they will inherit, in this home I have made over the past 12 years. And whenever…

Four Years, Four Months, Sixteen Days

4 years, 4 months and 16 days…that’s how long it took from start to finish to get Dan to taking the oath of US Citizenship. Because so many others have been through this process in so many different ways, the timeline varies depending on how you came into the country, what country you’re coming in from, and so much more.…


I cannot WAIT to tear this kitchen up! Nice shape but those upper cabinets are coming out, those ugly-arse countertops are going, and black & vanilla appliances? Um bub-bye… Life gets better as you get on in years? Yes please, I’ll take it! Europe again leading the way with environmental protection, while a dipshit in our community’s Nextdoor page bitch…

Week in Pictures

It’s been absolute madness since the offer was approved! Inspections, questions for the seller, financial transactions, and of course here at home, 9 showings of the house just in the last 3 days! Looking at this picture taken of what I’m now calling “the immediate back yard”, meaning, the non-pasture area right out the back door, there’s a 17’x30′ slab…

Two weeks of nausea…

When your offer is accepted on a house you want to buy, the nausea is ten times worse than when you’re waiting to find out if they accept your offer. At least that’s how it is in our situation. You schedule the home and inspections on a 70 year old farmhouse. You receive a 20 page report detailing all the…


So much going on in my brain right now! One piece of it all (beyond all of the logistics like paperwork, inspections, getting our house on the market this week and, of course, the financials) that we’re obsessing over is figuring out where the ducks, bees, clothesline and garden will be. While we’re not going to be planting anything, our…


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