Little Bitty Getaway: Astoria

After each transfer we’ve planned a couple days out of town to exhale with the news, and obviously with shit hitting the fan double-time, this was especially vital. I’d booked us where we spent the first night of our honeymoon, the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, months ago, hoping for a celebration. It’s located at the mouth of the Columbia…


Scotch. Two glasses of Glenmorangie, the Scotch that I dove into during my trip to Scotland back in 2010, the year before I met my true love. Drinking two glasses of it, neat, at a nearby bar with my husband, letting it swiftly warm my belly and allowing everything to sit off to the side for the day after hell…

The Emotional Body Slam – and Being.

It’s over. Even with the ERA, even with the perfect thyroid, even with two supposedly perfect embryos, it’s over. After two IUIs, six donor egg IVFs, and a devastating miscarriage during cycle four as we approached 9 weeks, we are taking the summer off to determine if and when there will be next steps towards family building. “If I kept…

6dp5dt (AKA ignorance is bliss)

6dp5dt is here. Well into the needless HPTs, today being my husband’s Sunday, it meant that focusing on other things beyond the imminent news of this final round was of VITAL importance. So it was kind of a rad day, with things of ultimate distraction like… Making homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time and dunking them in the last…

5dp5dt: (AKA Yer killin’ me smalls!)

5 days. Implantation should be complete, and cells that become the placenta and fetus should be starting to develop. Over the next 3 days, HCG should start secreting into the blood stream and dammit, I am testing daily now for those magic two lines…all because of forums with some saying they got their positives this early. Oy vey. But whatever,…

4dp5dt (AKA: mantras, mantras, mantras)

It is a gloriously sunny morning here in P-town as we kick off 4dp5dt. My lower belly feels that weird sort of heavy it tends to feel around this time, I slept like a rock most of the night (thanks to the Benadryl protocol, two of those before bed seem to pleasantly offset the insomnia of Prednisone), until the Progesto-dreams…

Week in Pictures

Our trilliums are coming up, our white tulips are going nuts, and my husband picked me a gorgeous bouquet as well! I love Spring! HahaHAAAAA. Jesus Fucking Jelly Beans. Too awesome not to buy at Walgreen’s. My husband got his first ever Easter basket from me and I filled it full of the cheesiest things, from the chicken that squawks…

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