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It’s been in the low 70’s all week so I had to switch gears from the umpteen house remodeling projects we’re working on to the outdoors where I swear, I PROMISE that there will be a huge-ass garden in 2019. One of the major decisions was figuring out how big to make it, whether to enclose it, and how to…

Week in Pictures

With a view like this, who wouldn’t want to mow? We are still LOVING our new electric mower – no gas, bay-bee! Nothing like a quick getaway over to the beach at Fort Stevens State Park this past day off – windy and gorgeously sunny! October is the best!!! And of course, what is a week without some evidence of…

Before + After = The Laundry Room

Not terribly sexy to some, but hey – I’ve never had a laundry room! Our washer & dryer was down in the basement on cold hard concrete next to the spare bedroom. To have one on the main floor that’s easily accessible, well lit, and has room to, well, launder? Kinda cool. Anyhow, when we saw the house, the then-owner…

Before + After = our new roof!

A big giant horrendous project is now behind us – and it wasn’t even one we DIY’d! Our house now has a new roof. The metal one, while in good shape, was covering four old crappy layers of roofing on a house and had been put on with NO ventilation whatsoever! Plus, to be honest, a BLUE roof leaves pretty…

Healing: day 7 (wisdom)

(Click here to learn about the daily blog project) My wisdom? Knowing I’m not always going to succeed at this healing thing…or be able to talk about it every day for a month. I’ve written about this here for four years and honestly, I’m done with the laser focus on my body’s collective failures that led to the loss of…

Healing: day 6 (healing)

That’s us today, still healing. I know we’re healing as we watched Private Life on Netflix last night and I didn’t have a massive breakdown. Then again the topic was infertility without pregnancy loss. The other night I watched the This is Us episode on miscarriage from last season and while it hit on the emotions, it addressed pregnancy loss…

Healing: day five (rituals)

Our Jizo statue came with us in the move to Astoria and I see him every day. I know what happened was real. He now has my old necklace of hope on it that I used to wear during treatments, bearing the weight of it even when I cannot stop and honor the memory like I should. This may not…

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