Happy cooled-off weekend here in Stumptown! After 3 days in the upper 90’s we are back to the happy 80s of summer and looking forward to the cooldown into the 70’s next week. My favorite weather is upper 60’s, low 70’s, so the end of summer and approach of autumn gets me incredibly giddy. Husband and I had these lovely…

Allowing for evolution

Absolutely changed. Absolutely me, just evolving. Yesterday was the first day without tears, but I also didn’t leave the house. Heh. Oy vey. Today I left the house to have my first appointment with a new naturopath who has a strong focus on fertility, and it was both enlightening and exhausting going through everything. Fortunately I’d emailed her in advance…

Week in Pictures

The garden is still going strong post-heatwave! From top left: roses are still blooming and happy; okra however is looking quite pathetic at less than a foot tall; carrots have gone WILD which is a first for us, so pretty I’m almost afraid to dig ’em up; sunflowers galore, with the tallest ones over 10 feet!; and cosmos, holy cow,…

A Fortnight Has Passed

Status Check Well we have hit two weeks since the miscarriage shit hit the fan and I will say that I am doing much better all things considered. Still on edge, still just chilling with my husband and therefore still not a Social Samantha (husband and I like to describe each other in alliterative names…go figure), but better. I started…


Usually I’d say something nice about it being a Friday. But the forecast is for 101 degrees today and tomorrow (that’s over 38 C for those in most parts of the world beyond the US). So, I will just proceed in the slow motion that is par for the course on a day like today… Well, I finally made my…

A new week (or is it?)

What a Difference a Week Makes Wow. That’s pretty much what I said to myself this morning. I feel better. Not on-top-of-the-world, but better. The body and mind connection has never ceased to amaze me in all of it’s power and impact on life and how we see it. My hormones are regulating again and the bleeding has ended and…

Back to Me

one selfie a year from 2008 to 2015…and I realized there are none of just me from 2016…8 months of looking at my uterus for the answer…maybe it’s time to look up… 2008 to Present I’ve been writing this blog for 8 years this fall. Holy crap. Since a coworker at the consulting firm I was at back then suggested…


Overachiever Syndrome strikes again You know how fast we want this to be over with, to be back on the road to cycle 5, to feeling better and able to go out into the community and not have your head down just trying to get the basics and go back home without ever acknowledging a soul? Well, shockingly enough, 1…

High Desert Getaway: Central Oregon

With August starting out giving my husband and I the Middle Finger of Miscarriage, we were definitely relieved to have plans to get out of the city for a few days. Originally planned for four days at an Airbnb studio cabin on a horse ranch in Central Oregon, we ended up only being¬† there for three days, spending our final…

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