Week in Pictures

As I mentioned, Monday was the worst day, saying goodbye to Ruby. She wore her “smart red jumper” to keep her warm and safe on her travels and I sit here in shock in this silent house, where just moving my chair away from the table or the sound of my laptop’s trash bin emptying would get her up and…

Standing at the Crossroads (i.e., grow or die)

“A woman looks back at her life and ponders where she has been and how far she has come. Now is the time when she grieves the loss of any unrealized dreams she may have had when she was a young woman, and prepares the soil for the next stage of her life.” ~ Christiane Northrup, MD, on perimenopause (from…

Nine Years…and still truckin’

Nine years. NINE YEARS! How did that happen… This month marks the beginning of my 10th year as a blogger and I am still stunned at the time. Beginning as a way of working through my father’s death, talking about the relationships and events of the day that were affecting me, moving into a true eco-focus, talking about Stumptown life,…

Three Days

On Monday we have made the decision to bid farewell to our dearest pup Ruby. We’ve discovered a massive tumor in her belly this week which, along with her Cushing’s disease that is now in its advanced stages, is causing her what can only be tremendous pain. She is now bandaged up and cuddling up with Dan as I write…

Facing it Head On (& burning it down)

Throughout the years of infertility treatments, I never once read a book about the topic. No interest whatsoever. I didn’t want to read some bullshit “it only takes one egg” or “do these yoga poses and your eggs will magically reappear in your ovaries” inspirational publications, and I didn’t want to read a book by someone who got their happy…

Week in Pictures

This week has definitely been about food, full stop. At my husband’s natural grocer employer, some of the food that they can’t sell anymore on the shelves (due to expiration dates, aesthetics, and what-not) comes up for grabs for employees to take home. (Most of the food actually goes to gleaners and the food bank, but the “blue slip” that…

Going to Camp: Grown-up Style

Yesterday was pretty rad. Charcuterie Camp was our Monday, and I think my husband has discovered the true meaning of hog heaven. Here’s a bit on our day, with lots of photos at the end… With Dan’s participation in the Portland Meat Collective, we JUMPED at the chance to spend the day with legendary French/American cook & author  Kate Hill…

Peri-WTF?! (or, having the courage to be free)

So I’m slowly but surely coming to the concept that I’m actually in perimenopause and have been for a number of years. I mean, hell, minus the hot flashes everything else seems to match pretty perfectly, from my fucked up ovaries to my mood swings to my space-out moments. Fact is, in just over two months I’ll be 44. When…


Lots on my mind. Exhaling a LOT this week! A basic list for men – ALL men – to read…no matter how feminist they consider themselves to be. Amen. A huge thing going on that isn’t getting an ounce of coverage in our regular news feeds I found buried in The Guardian the other day? It was determined that THREE-QUARTERS…

Week in Pictures

I made and we collectively devoured this lovely hot chocolate souffle. One thing I learned after my cheese one I made a couple weeks ago turned out more like melty scrambled eggs on the inside is that duck eggs just are NOT good for souffle-making. The egg whites don’t stiffen up the same like chicken eggs do and they just…

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