Checking in…

There’s not a ton to report in our daily lives. I have been keeping one of those 5 year journals where jot down a sentence or two every day and this is the 4th year of it, so needless to say there is some history building up in it. Normally I just look back on my blog but this particular…

My Top 10 Tips for Jobseekers: Part Six – Internships

Encore Encore!!! As I recently learned the majority of my Top 10 Tips for Jobseekers series articles were suddenly removed from the original careers website they were on, I’m re-publishing them on my own blog so that jobseekers can continue to benefit. (Big thank you to those who made me aware of this!). Thanks for reading! After building several internship…

Week in Pictures

Heh. So I am almost to the halfway point of attempting to go dairy-, gluten- and refined-sugar-free suddenly I found myself, after Week 2’s shitty meals (I tried 3 new GF/DF recipes and they sucked BIG time. Let’s just say beans and quinoa are not allowed in our house for a while, mm-kay?), floating into Petite Provence for one of…


Alright it’s the weekend, the clocks are going forward, I’ve made a big pot of jambalaya to make up for the mostly vegan week I’ve had, the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the LOW 60’s this weekend, meeting with a prospective client this coming week, and my husband says he has a surprise outing for us on…

Happy Birthday Duckies!!!

Our girls are one year old this week!!! Seems like just yesterday we were picking them out online, building the duck coop & run out of repurposed materials, then racing to the post office to pick them up, laughing as we could hear their high-pitched CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP! behind the counter and then setting up their first “house” in a big…

Week in Pictures

Alright, so we’re 5 days into my version of March Madness, going gluten/dairy/sugar free for an entire month to see how it affects my overall physical well-being (something I know will be a positive as I did it for a couple of years after doing a gluten/dairy/egg elimination diet), and so far I’ve made it. Well, except for the GF/Vegan…

Guest Post – This Thing Called Synesthesia

My husband is back for another guest blog post, this time talking more about his brain and some recent amazing stuff that has come up this week. For newer readers, click HERE to read about his TBI first so you get the full gist of things before reading below. It’s a trip. What do you mean you don’t see notes?…


Stuff that’s been rolling around in my own head this past week… Eggs + Souffles + Science = Awesome. Infertility + Elderly Women + Friendship = The Sisterhood of Grief at All Ages. Art + #MeToo + Sports Illustrated = A Step in the Right Direction. More Guns + Women + Rapists = Jessica Valenti calls out more NRA Bullshit.…

March Madness (…is divinest sense?)

When I was fifteen or sixteen, my Honors English teacher Mr Lewis gave each of us a poem that he thought represented us well. I got Emily Dickinson (score!), with this poem above. Anyone who knows even a bit of me will get a chuckle reading this as it couldn’t be closer to the core of who I am. So…

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